Job Portal/Consignment Tracking
10 August 2022
Job Portal
Consignment Tracking
Stock Portal
Delivery Booking Portal
The Delivery Booking Portal allows authenticated users to add deliveries to their holding area either by manual input or via text file upload.
Jobs can be edited, and when finalised, be confirmed to our system for delivery and you will receive comfirmation emails.
Reports and day books are available for your reference though the 'View Jobs' option.
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Consignment Tracking Portal
The Consignment Tracking Portal allows authenticated users access to all their deliveries booked on the system.
Deliveries can be followed through the delivery process with key status points displayed along with either expected and actual delivery dates/times
After the Delivery notes (POD's) have been scanned they are available to view, print or download
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Stock Portal
The Stock Portal allows authenticated users to view / create picks from held stock.
Stock levels can be viewed in real time. Picks (if enabled) can be entered.
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